Diaries of a Schizo- Major1#5

“You’re hard to catch.” He once said. “You’re not hard to lose she said.”  Being aware that you are in a bad situation is one thing. But being willing to move on and still work on yourself in the process.. I think says a lot about a person. What do you think?


Diaries of a Schizo – Prologue

Sometimes I feel like my life is an elaborate story, just waiting to be played out. Sometimes I feel like I’m being followed by an unknown force. Sometimes I talk to myself and sometimes the world talks back. Sometimes I talk to myself, and my Self talks back. Schizophrenia is the name they’ve given it, it seems.

Have you ever been so deep into a conversation that everything around you stops? The person captivates your attention and something about them you can’t ignore?  Let’s call this person self one. Now you have your own thoughts that you are trying to process. Self 2! Now, both self one and two have a few minor issues. One is that their voices in rationality in any given situation seem a bit… well off. Decided to up and quit yet another job when rent is due next week? Well it seemed like a fantastic idea… at the time. We (both selfs) came to that conclusion. Another issue is that, things seem so REAL. Everything that happens in my head is so mindbogglingly skewed sometimes that reality shifts. If I feel as if I’m being followed, then make no doubt, I AM BEING FOLLOWED. If I make absolutely no sense sometimes, or start sentences all jumbled up, not much I can do! My brain does it, not me?? Right?? Fuck this reality.

Sometimes my personality scares people… I’m “too nice” or some shit. The thing is, if you could only know what reality could look like if demons were real, reality shifts on the fly and you have to figure out what’s real in this world, “too nice” is the least of my worries:)

This is a wild series, a slightly more “serious” series than others here. This is just what I’m going through!

Welcome to the Diaries of a Schizo! A journey through conquering thoughts and seemingly aimless life choices.